Special products

For special applications we have established our “Special Products” Service. The close cooperation between the Technical Sales department and the Research & Development department makes it possible to develop special products according to customer specification; special products with which specific measuring problems can be solved. In case a standard product doesn’t comply, TQC tries to find an affordable solution by either adjusting a standard product or designing a new product. A set number of examples is described below:


Battery slurry coating machine

Thin film technology plays an important role in the development of new battery technology. The heated automated film applicator seems to be the ideal tool in battery development

Special brush holder for an existing holiday detector

Together with the client|user the choice was made to design a wide brush holder equipped with two rubber wheel at both ends. The brush holder will hold phosphor bronze brushes o

New TQC DewLog Software and special cable design

Muehlhan BV. , daughter company of one of the world largest painting contractors wanted to be able to monitor the full climate conditions in their blasting|painting room of thei