Wet Abrasion Scrub | Washability Test

TQC Automatic Washability Test to perform a Abrasion and washability scrub test on coated panels to define the resistance of paint, varnish or related products to scratching, wear and colour- and gloss loss due to wet or dry scrub abrasion. Simulating everyday wear from cleaning actions or general use. Also suitable for testing plastics, woodpanels, kitchentops, white goods etc..

The test is either used as a “pass / fail” test by testing to a specified number of strokes or defining the minimum number of strokes at which a coating fails by checking at regular intervals.

The TQC wet abrasion scrub testers are also suitable to test the performance of of cleaning agents and compounds.

Many standards require dry or wet abrasion and scrub test to be performed to determine the quality of coating. Like the EN 13300 for example. This standard defines a quality ranking for interior coatings to wet abrasion.

The TQC Automatic Washability Tester is driven by a micro-step controlled electro motor which allows precise and steady speed and sinus wave form control. Operation is intuitive by means of a jog-dial switch and a multi-lingual operating menu on a large illuminated display.

The two integrated pumps allow the user to test two fluids simultaneously. Per pump two test beds are fed and can be controlled separately. This allows the TQC Automatic Washability Tester to be used both in coating industry and detergent industry. The adjustable tool carrier allows the user to safely perform test on a wide array of samples.

See accessories for available brushes and weights.



Art. No. AB5000

TQC Automatic Washability Test 230VAC / 50Hz
Beware! This is only the basic unit. Brushes and weights must be ordered separately. These are listed under accessories

Art. No. AB5005

TQC Automatic Washability Test 110VAC / 50/60Hz
Beware! This is only the basic unit. Brushes and weights must be ordered separately. These are listed under accessories

Art. No. AB5210

TQC Basic Scrub Test 230VAC / 50Hz
Basic version of model AB5000, without dosing pumps, collecting tanks and light

Art. No. AB5215

TQC Basic Scrub Test 110VAC / 50/60Hz
Basic version of model AB5005, without dosing pumps, collecting tanks and light

More Products


The TQC CC2000 Cross Cut Adhesion Test KIT is used to test the adhesion of dry coats of paint on their substrate by means of a series of cuts through the coating. Two series of parallel cuts cross angled to each other to obtain a pattern of 25 or 100 similar squares. The ruled area is evaluated by using a table chart after a short treatment with a stiff brush, or adhesive tape for hard substrates. The cutting knife of the TQC Cross Cut Adhesion Test CC2000 is easy to exchange without the use of extra tools. The self positioning knife bracket of the TQC Cross Cut Adhesion Test CC2000 ensures equal pressure on the cutting knife. Each TQC Cross Cut Adhesion Test KIT CC2000 contains a grip with cutter, a brush, an illuminated loupe and a roll of adhesive tape acc. ISO 2409.Knives and tape can be ordered as a spare as well

4-Sided FILM APPLICATOR, DUAL RESERVOIR, 100|200|300|400µm

Special 4-gap (quadruplex) Stainless Steel applicator with double reservoir each with 4 different values. This TQC applicator allows the user two apply 2 layers of coating simultaneously with the same thickness. Ideally for use in combination with the TQC Automatic Film Applicators and TQC Abrasion- & Scrub testers.


CHLOR*TEST was developed for ease of use and to prevent outside and cross contamination. The components are premeasured to ensure accurate results in parts per million and micrograms per square centimeter. In addition, no temperature correction is needed for 41 deg. F to 176 deg. F. Field test inspectors around the world will use this innovative product with confidence on virtually any surface at any angle. The CHLOR*TEST uses a unique patented extract solution, CHLOR*EXTRACT™, to retrieve surface chloride contamination. In the field, this special extract enhances retrieval rates, thereby increasing accuracy. The greater the retrieval rate, the more accurate the test results. When specifications require consistent, safe and reliable testing results for chloride contamination, use CHLOR*TEST. Each kit contains five (5) individual tests. CHLOR*TEST is designed to be used on vertical, horizontal or overhead surfaces.