USB measuring microscope - Model 2012

Small, portable, inexpensive and easy microscope that can be connected directly to a PC. Supplied with software for immediate inspection and measuring.

The unique optical design combines the advantages of a USB-microscope digital camera to the precision optics of a microscope illuminated with LED lights. With the 20-200-times magnification, you can determine the fine structure of surfaces. This compact digital microscope is ideal for analyzing coating failures, imperfections, pre-treatment quality etc. The microscope can be used in direct contact to the surface or at larger distances. The 8 integrated White Light LED's are adjustable in strength guaranteeing a clear view without causing reflections.

Special software for editing and making videos comes with this USB microscope. With this software, you can determine the length, width, height and angle to the radius of the objects.

The USB microscope will also be supplied with a magnetic microscope holder, which gives the microscoop a steady and straight position. Also enables the microscope to be used in a vertical position on Fe material due to its 3 very strong magnets.

Resolution: 2.0 Mega Pixel (1600 X 1280) Interpolated to 5.0 Mega Pixel (2560x2048)
Photo format: JPG, BMP
Video format: AVI
Magnification: 20X ~ 200X
Lightsource: 8 LED (adjustable by control wheel)
Dimensions: 110 X 33 X 33 mm
System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Mac 10.5 and up
OSD language: English, German, Spanish, Korean, French, Russian



Art. No. LD6182

USB Measuring microscope - Model 2012

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