Test cabinets for the accelerated testing of products such as coatings, plastics, packaging etc. on wear and tear caused by light and/or temperature.
A powerful Xenon light source produces radiation on different wavelengths and, if required, at increased temperatures. The flexible microprocessor-based control enables automatic test cycles.



Art. No. VF7516

Solarbox 3000 standaard

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An extensive series superior quality Swiss dataloggers. Depending on the model temperature and/or humidity can be measured and logged. The real time and stored measured values can be read directly from the integrated display. All loggers can memorise up to 64,000 measured values, are equipped with an alarm function and can be connected to a computer for extensive data evaluation. A wide range of probes and accessories is available.

Benchtop conductivity meter CON 700

The CON 700 offers years of reliable, accurate and consistent performance. User-friendly features make the instrument an ideal research partner in laboratories, productions plants and schools. Features: - Large screen that displays Conductivity or TDS readings with Temperature in ºC or ºF - Ready indicator let you know when readings are stable - Selectable cell constant - Auto-ranging across 5 Conductivity and TDS ranges - Up to 5-point push button calibration - Non-volatile memory holds up to 100 data points - Integral electrode holder


Plastic needle compass equipped with revolving dial. The direction in which the compass needle points is referred to as magnetic north, making it extremely easy to determine the position of gardens, streets and buildings.