Test cabinets for the accelerated testing of products such as coatings, plastics, packaging etc. on wear and tear caused by light and/or temperature.
A powerful Xenon light source produces radiation on different wavelengths and, if required, at increased temperatures. The flexible microprocessor-based control enables automatic test cycles.



Art. No. VF7516

Solarbox 3000 standaard

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TQC Bird-type film applicator with one flat edge. One application side for applying 1 pre-defined thickness. The TQC Bird-type applicator single gap is available in film width 50 and 75 mm and suitable for applying a host of different products onto flat and relatively solid substrates. The high-grade stainless steel will not be affected by acid or base elements.Some models are equipped with removable guidance plates for straight application. We can not give guarantee of the wet thickness that will be obtained. The wet thickness is dependent upon the solids and vehicle content of the wet material as well as other factors. Film thickness deposited may vary from 40% to 80% of the actual gate clearance of the TQC Bird-type film applicator.Material:DAIDO 440C medical grade Martensitic stainless tool steel. Sub Zero Vacuum hardened (+1756°C  to -70°C), hardness HRC 55 (through hardened*) & tempered. Surface treatment: polished Overall accuracy: ± 2 µm*Through hardening versus Case-hardening or surface hardening.Through-hardening means the metal uniformly is hardened throughout the piece. Case- or surface (face / frame) hardening only hardens the top layer of the metal. Once the top layer is degraded excessive wear and tear will occur on the product limiting its life time and affecting accuracy.


Wood moisture meter in pocket size format. With the mini LIGNO smart you own the option between four wooden groups, up to 16 freely eligible species of wood or building material kinds and an reference scale. The smart device is tuned individually to the customer wish and is applicable for all areas.

RAL Colour Master

Interactive design book for creative minds. Experiment with and combine colours, shapes, patterns and images. Colour Master contains 328 pages of bulging colourfulness in shapes, patterns and images.