The TQC Shore Hardness Testblock Kit with different values of hardness. As a reference check it will indicate if a durometer is operating within tolerances. The indivual test blocks are provided with serial numbers to guarentee incontestable identification. Comes with custom made carrying case.



Art. No. LD0555

TQC Shore Hardness Testblock Kit, 7 test blocks for Durometer A

Range: 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 shore hardness
Dimensions: 54 mm x 54 mm x 8 mm
Calibration Certificate: included

Art. No. LD0556

TQC Shore Hardness Testblock Kit, 3 test blocks for Durometer D

Range: 60, 75, and 85 shore hardness
Dimensions: Ø 51 mm x 9,5 mm
Calibration Certificate: included

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The TQC Shore Hardness Gauge is a reliable instrument for measuring the impression hardness of soft materials such as coatings, plastics and rubber. Equipped with a drag indicator, which holds the highest measured result. Delivery includes a simple test block. Optional accessoires: Set of Testblocks Operating stand Complies with: DIN 53505, ISO 868 and ASTM D 2240


The TQC Hardness Pen is a pocket instrument for testing the hardness and wear/scratch resistance of materials such as coatings, lacquers, plastics or related products. A tungsten carbide tip is drawn over the surface with a defined constant pressure. The pressure on the tip can be changed using the slide or by changing the spring. A visual mark on the surface after use of the TQC Hardness Pen indicates a fail of the surface hardness or wear/scratch resistance. Can be used on flat and curved surfaces. There are 2 versions available, the Standard and Pro.The Standard version is supplied with 3 springs and one tip:0-3N, graduation 10 g0-10N, graduation 50 g0-30N, graduation 150 gTip 1mm The pro version includes the above as well as:Tip 0,5mmTip 0,75mmPen holder with guidance wheels, which provides very stable load on tip and makes it easier to apply force.  The laser-engraved scale is clearly visible on the grey background. 


Plastic foils and certified plastic shims. Available in the range of 12 to 20.000 micron. These foils can be applied to all ferrous- or non-ferrous metal substrates. Non-Certified Plastic Shims Non-Certified Plastic Shims (foils) provide a quick operational check of the instrument and they allow the user to perform practice measurements when placed over metal. Provide a quick operational check of the instrument by allowing the user to perform practice measurements Can be used to protect the probe when measuring on tacky, rough or hot surfaces Labeled in both Metric and Imperial units Certified Plastic Shims Certified Plastic Shims (foils) provide an economical alternative to coated metal plates. They have a reduced accuracy of ±2 µm (±0.08 mil). A coating thickness gage measures shim thickness when this shim is placed over a smooth metal surface (zero plate). Alternatively, they can be placed over an uncoated metal substrate. They are not suitable for use with magnetic pull-off gages. Each shim is packaged in their own plastic protective pouch Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to NIST is included with each shim or set of shims Certified and labeled in both Metric and Imperial units