Rotational Viscometer DV1400

TQC Rotational Viscometer according to Brookfield Method, allows quick determination of viscosity in laboratory, research centres, and during production. The intuitive, easy functionality. light weight, and the fact they are battery operated provide great versatility. TQC Rotational Viscosimeter can even be used as a portable instrument.

Its main feature, compatibility to the Brookfield method, allows comparative measurements with results obtained in quality control laboratories using standard rotational viscometers. (when used with the same spindle type and the same rotational speed)

Two different models are available, one with a fixed speed of 60rpm, the other one with a fixed speed of 20rpm.



Art. No. DV1401

Rotational Viscometer DV1400 - 60rpm, calibration certificate included

Art. No. DV1402

Rotational Viscometer DV1400 - 20rpm, calibration certificate included

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The TQC Viscosity Calculator is an indicative conversion table relating viscosity (in Cst) to flow time of different cups. Printed on the front is the No.4 complying with BS-NF-ASTM-Din and Zahn 2, on the back ISO no.’s 3-4-5-6 and Zahn 3 as well as the Gardner viscosimeter.


The TQC Motorised Automatic film applicator or drawdown machine provides a reliable basis to apply coating films and slurries to test charts, panels or foils in a uniform and reproducible way in order to eliminate variations caused by human factors. Variations in speed, pressure and direction of draw down cause irregularities. Other factors that may influence the result are the shear rate and the weight of the applicator. With the TQC Automatic film applicator these variable factors are being stabilised. Over the complete surface the film thickness is even. To prepare samples for testing rheological properties, abrasion resistance, hiding power and gloss the TQC Motorised Automatic film applicator is a must have. Motorised Film Applicators are also used in the adhesives industry. AFA Features: Digital setting of speed, start position, stop position and stroke length . Wide speed range of 0-500 mm./ sec. Silent built-in vacuum pump with selected models with vacuum bed. Electronic vacuum area (A4/A3) selection eliminates the need for taping holes. Tool carrier height can be increased to allow coating of thicker panels / samples. Vacuum bed or glass bed can removed without tools for cleaning. Automatic spiral bar-coater retriever. Extensive safety measures through emergency stop and proximity sensors complies with all relevant standards. Drying time recorder option An optional drying time recording tool is available to convert the TQC automatic film applicator into a drying time recorder. The time range of the drying time recorder can be set digitally from 1 minute to 48 hours. The tool can be installed without any tools and can measure up to 8 channels in one run. Heated Vacuumbed The product is also available with an electrically heated vacuumbed. The temperature can be set digitally from ambient +5°C to ambient + 100°C . Heat-up time is short and temperature is uniform over the entire bed. Multiple types of automatic film applicators are available for either glass/paper/metal substrates or foils. All models can be used in combination with standard block type film applicators such as bird/baker models,sagging and levelling testers or spiral bar type film applicators (wire wound rod type).


The TQC Viscosity Cup DIN 53211 with Interchangeable Nozzle consist of a wide range viscosity cups to measure the viscosity of paint, lacquers and other fluids. Very precize, with fixed stainless steel nozzle. The TQC Viscosity Cup DIN 53211 with Interchangeable Nozzle is available in titanium anodized aluminium and stainless steel. Widly used in laboratory, to be used with stand.