Specific Gravity Cup for determining the specific gravity or density (or weight per gallon wpg) of coatings, pastes or similar liquids.
Density is defined as weight per unit volume at a specified temperature.
Specific Gravity Cups (or Pyknometers) are available in anodised aluminium and stainless steel, 100 ml. and 50 ml.

All models are supplied with a calibration certificate.



Art. No. VF2097

Pycnometer ISO 2811, DIN 53 217, ASTM D 1475, model 100 ml aluminum,
calibration certificate included

Art. No. VF2098

Pycnometer ISO 2811, DIN 53 217, ASTM D 1475, model 50 ml aluminum,
calibration certificate included

Art. No. VF2099

Pycnometer ISO 2811, DIN 53 217, ASTM D 1475, model: 100ml stainless steel

Art. No. VF2100

Pycnometer ISO 2811, DIN 53 217, ASTM D 1475, model: 50ml stainless steel,
calibration certificate included

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