Digital multimeter for measuring the radiation and "black body" temperature in accelerated weathering cabinets. Ideal for validating accelerated weathering cabinets.



Art. No. VF7550

Multimeter for accelerated weathering cabinets (straling&temp.)

Art. No. VF7551

Multimeter for accelerated weathering cabinets, sensor 295-400nm brede band

Art. No. VF7552

Multimeter for accelerated weathering cabinets, sensor 340nm, smalle band

Art. No. VF7553

Multimeter for accelerated weathering cabinets, sensor 420nm, smalle band

Art. No. VF7556

Multimeter for accelerated weathering cabinets, black standaard temp.sensor

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Temperature gradient plate for determining minimum film forming temperature test. The minimum film forming temperature is the lowest temperature at which an emulsion, latex or adhesive will uniformly coalesce when applied on a substrate as a thin film. Knowing the MFFT temperature allows formulators to create a product that cures correctly under the required application conditions. The instrument can also be used to define the white point/glass transition temperature of dispersion materials, synthetic resins, enamels etc. and the blocking power and stacking capability of coated papers, foils, prints... TQC MFFT TTEST is a sophisticated test instrument with a ground hard-chrome plated metal platen as to deposit the specimen. By heating and cooling the platen any variable temperature gradient within the range of -30 to +250 °C can be produced and kept constant for any given period. The platen is equipped with 10 or 20 evenly spread temperature sensors. The temperature is controlled through an integrated digital controller with a digital display and measuring-point selector that covers the whole range.To define the MFFT the specimen is applied on the platen with a film-applicator and protected from ambient conditions through a transparent cover in which a flow of dried air is created to prevent condensation and to assure repeatability. To determine the blocking power the specimens on the platen are weighed by defined loads to simulate the stacking capability.The TQC MFFT TEST meets the following standards: acc. to current standards: DIN ISO 2115 – DIN 53366 – ASTM D 2354 – ASTM D 1465 – ISO 2115 – ISO/DIS 4622


The TQC Oven Logger Temperature Probe Identification KIT is available as a series tags numbered 1 to 6 and as series tags numbered 7 to 12. Suitable for any industrial powder coating oven also at high temperatures.


QNix® 4500 - a handy, fast and robust coating thickness gauge. QNix® 4500 was developed particularly for measuring tasks in the automobile industries. This compact gauge permits extremely precise measurements of lacquer and anti - corrosion protection coating thicknesses, both on steel and iron as well as on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, zinc and copper. The automatic substrate recognition, extended measuring range, and increased measuring speed is what make this gauge special. With the practice-oriented product properties, professionals immediately recognize the handwriting of QNix® gauges: Extremely precise: high measuring accuracy Simple operation: no calibration, one button, one-hand operation Innovative technology: Hall-sensor and Eddy-current technology Broad spectrum of use: measurements on steel and iron Protective measuring: polished ruby tip