Digital multimeter for measuring the radiation and "black body" temperature in accelerated weathering cabinets. Ideal for validating accelerated weathering cabinets.



Art. No. VF7550

Multimeter for accelerated weathering cabinets (straling&temp.)

Art. No. VF7551

Multimeter for accelerated weathering cabinets, sensor 295-400nm brede band

Art. No. VF7552

Multimeter for accelerated weathering cabinets, sensor 340nm, smalle band

Art. No. VF7553

Multimeter for accelerated weathering cabinets, sensor 420nm, smalle band

Art. No. VF7556

Multimeter for accelerated weathering cabinets, black standaard temp.sensor

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Digital spring micrometer measures and records peak to valley surface profile height using replica tape.All PosiTector 6000 probes can be used with the PosiTector SmartLink; a small piece of hardware that physically connects to new and existing PosiTector probes and wirelessly connects to a free PosiTector app, turning it into a virtual PosiTector gage. You will find the Smart Link device under ‘accessories’.


The TQC Adhesion Test Kit (HPK) is a method developped in the Netherlands by FOSAG and SKH to determine the adhesion of new and old paint layers on wood and woodlike materials. The damage on the substrate will be reduced to a minimum. The adhesion is judged by comparing the removed paint on the tape, and the remaining paint on the wood with the illustrations classifying the damage from class 0 to 5. Delivery includes cutting tool and tape.The Tape For Adhesion Test can be ordered separately as well.


The maxiLIGNO is part of a new generation of moisture meters. It is equipped with newest technology for perfect precision and easy handling. maxiLIGNO has an extra big illuminated display that shows the chosen wood species and temperature, all time long. It offers 28 Wood types as well as all density groups for measuring more than 240 wood species! The maxiLIGNO can be set in many different languages ( for example English, French, German, Swedish etc). If the battery is low, the maxiLIGNO will show it you right in time on the display! The idea behind maxiLIGNO was to developed a moisture meter useable without any manual! maxiLIGNO, it has never been that easy and precise! measuring range: 6-75% wood species: 28 different woodtypes & 15 density groups (0.3- 1.0) battery: 9V block battery, sufficient for up to 3.000 measurings weight: 190 g size: 13,5 x 6,5 x 2,5 cm