The maxiLIGNO is part of a new generation of moisture meters. It is equipped with newest technology for perfect precision and easy handling. maxiLIGNO has an extra big illuminated display that shows the chosen wood species and temperature, all time long. It offers 28 Wood types as well as all density groups for measuring more than 240 wood species! The maxiLIGNO can be set in many different languages ( for example English, French, German, Swedish etc). If the battery is low, the maxiLIGNO will show it you right in time on the display! The idea behind maxiLIGNO was to developed a moisture meter useable without any manual! maxiLIGNO, it has never been that easy and precise!
measuring range: 6-75%
wood species: 28 different woodtypes & 15 density groups (0.3- 1.0)
battery: 9V block battery, sufficient for up to 3.000 measurings
weight: 190 g
size: 13,5 x 6,5 x 2,5 cm



Art. No. LI0010

MaxiLigno with E12 - Ram electrode for taking core measurements. The needles are insulated at the shaft.
Length of needles (probes): 25 mm, 35 mm or 50 mm.
Delivery incl. cable and case

Art. No. LI0011

MaxiLigno with E10 - Hammer electrode made of tough plastic. Measures to a max. depth of 15 mm
Delivery incl. cable and case.

Art. No. LI0012

MaxiLigno with E14 - Solid steel hammer electrode for immediate measurements to a max. depth of 15mm.
Delivery incl. cable and case

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To fulfill the demand of many companies in the line of paint and their customers we composed the “Basic Inspection Kit”. In the field the need had arisen of one standard measuring set to perform all measurements and tests regarding painting. The kit is created to be used by executives of painting companies, such as foremen and divisional heads. The measuring set is also a very useful tool for customers like housing associations. The “Basic Inspection Kit” gives you profound information on the quality of old or existing coats of paint. The kit is also equipped with tools to perform measurements during application and delivery of a new paint job. The “Basic Inspection Kit” consists of the following tools: Moisture meter Digital thermo/hygrometer to measure the climate (temperature, humidity) during coating application. Compass Illuminated surface microscope. Useful tool to accurately check the surface and paint layer visually. Cutter knife. Stainless steel painter’s cutting tool with awl to muster old paint layers or rotten wood. PH-indicator paper to check the acidity of concrete walls and floors. Wedge for checking reverse-side tolerance and thickness of glass. Telescopic inspection mirror + lamp for visual quality control. Waterproof marker to mark and repair irregularities. MasterPaintPlate, multifunctional instrument to measure wet film thickness, cover of edges, thickness of glass, as well as providing an indication of the viscosity and adhesion of the coating. The Basic Inspection Kit is available with several different moisture meters. Tape can be ordered separately as well.


The TQC Cross Cut Adhesion Test KIT CC3000 is used to test the adhesion of dry coats of paint on their substrate by means of a series of cuts through the coating. Two series of parallel cuts cross angled to each other to obtain a pattern of 25 or 100 similar squares. The ruled area is evaluated by using a table chart after a short treatment with a stiff brush, or adhesive tape for hard substrates. The cutting depth of the TQC Cross Cut Adhesion Test KIT CC3000 can be adjusted while the cutter is guided by two ball bearings to assure reproducible results. The depth of the TQC Cross Cut Adhesion Test KIT CC3000 is adjustable to measure coatings up to 250 µm thick. Each TQC Cross Cut Adhesion Test KIT CC3000 contains a grip with cutter, a brush, an illuminated loupe and a roll of adhesive tape acc. EN ISO 2409.Knives and tape can be ordered as a spare as well


The CurveX 3 Standard offers easy-to-use, high quality temperature data logging for paint curing ovens. Measurements, analysis levels and report options are fully customizable to provide you with tailor-made information on the quality of your curing processes. The data logger is fitted with a large full-colour touchscreen for easy menu-driven operation and quick display of measurement results.  The logger has 6 channels and a memory of at least 8000 measuring points per channel. TQC’s Ideal Finish Analysis data analysis software allows you to analyze the logged data and create detailed reports. These advanced features, together with a wide range of display and printing options, makes CurveX 3 Standard the most flexible temperature data logging solution available, excellently suited for both field use and laboratory conditions.