Our new TQC Knock-out testpanels are designed to minimize the build-up of paint on the panel edges because of de knock-out frames. Also because of the 4 mm holes in the knock-out frames it is easy to hang the panels horizontally or vertically without leaving any marks.

All our knock-out panels are provided with a protective PE film on the prepared side (prepared side recognizable by its round edge in the right upper corner) which serves as protection against scratches, corrosion and finger prints. The film is easy removable after the panels are hanged.

The TQC knock-out panels meet the requirements for Qualicoat, GSB, QIB and ISO standards.

The panels are standard delivered in 2, 4 or 8 pcs per frame and packed in a resealable carton box.

Other shapes and sizes on request.



Art. No. VF8540

Steel panels, PE protected, 65 x 239 x 0,8mm, 200 sets
knock-out type

Art. No. VF8541

Steel panels, PE protected, 130 x 239 x 0,8 mm, 100 sets
knock-out type

Art. No. VF8542

Steel panels, PE protected, 260 x 239 x 0,8mm, 50 sets
knock-out type

Art. No. VF8543

Aluminium panels, PE protected, 65 x 239 x 0,8mm, 200 sets
knock-out type

Art. No. VF8544

Aluminium panels, PE protected, 130x239x0,8mm, 100 sets
knock-out type

Art. No. VF8545

Aluminium panels, PE protected, 260x239x0,8mm, 50 sets
knock-out type

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The TQC Bend Test Conical Mandrel "Pro" is a laboratory apparatus to bend coated test panels over a conical shaped mandrel in order to assess the elasticity or resistance of a coating-, paint or varnish to cracking, elongation and/or detachment from a metal test panel in accordance with ISO 6860 and ASTM D522. The conical shape of the bending area allows the deformation of the test panel and examination of the elasticity range of a coating over any diameter between 3.1 and 38 mm in one single test. The sample panel is secured to the apparatus by means of a quick lever handle that lock and unlocks the panel in a split second using just hand.


The TQC Impact Test is used to determine the impact resistivity and flexibility of coatings. The dual scale instrument is equipped with a special guidance which assures that the distance between each impact is always according to the standard. For correct positioning a spirit-level is built-in. Each Impact test comes as a complete set (instrument and accessoires) to perform a test according DIN/ISO 6272, ASTM D2794 and ASTM G14 Mandatory test in Qualicoat, QIB and GSB accredited laboratories. Standards for impact testing Below mentioned standards are a list of the possible standards. If the required standard is not listed below please contact TQC to check if adoption of this standard is possible*:   SP1880 SP1890 SP1891 SP1895 SP1896 Type of Impact Indirect Direct Direct Direct Direct ISO 6272-1:2002   •       ISO 6272-2:2002 •         ISO 6272:1993     •     ASTM D 2794:2004 •         ASTM G14-04       •   JIS K 5600-5-3:1989 • •       EN 12206-1:2004 •   • •   EN 13523-5:2001 • •       AAMA 2605-05 •   •     Qualicoat 2006 •   •     Qualisteelcoat 2008 •   •     Canadian Standards Association (CSA)         • * Conformation to a required standard depends on the impact tester type. The combination of items can change to comply with another standard.


TQC Panels are available in a large variety of dimensions, materials and thicknesses. Use of TQC Test panels enhances reproducibility of physical and chemical tests. Each panel is equipped with a hole for hanging and handling. Not only standard test panels are available. Special dimensions to customers specifications are possible as well. Look up the brochure for more information about the assortment.