A collection of more than 280 ISO International Standards covering the best methods for performance of paints and varnishes, as well as for the main groups of raw materials used in their manufacture. Standards for terminology and preparation and protection of steel substrates. Bound into four volumes.
All standards are written in English language. Pictures are printed in black and white.

Check the brochure for a complete overview of the published standards.



Art. No. LD3015

Paint & Varnishes Vol 1. General test methods part 1

Art. No. LD3019

Paint & Varnishes Vol 1. General test methods part 2

Art. No. LD3016

Paint & Varnishes part 2. Raw materials

Art. No. LD3017

Paint & Varnishes part 3. Preparation and protection of steel substrates

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Comparison standard according to ISO 8503 part 1 made of quality steel. Indicates the surface condition of blasted steel according to ISO 8503 in grades of fine, medium, and coarse. Calibration certificate included. Can be used in accordance with ASTM D4417 Method A, ISO 8503-1, ISO 8503-2


Comparators for determining surface roughness by touch and sight. Conforms to ASTM D4417. The KTA standard has 5 different grades of roughness and is available in three different versions. Available in Imperial units only.


The TQC Thermo hygrometer is a simple hand-held digital thermo/hygrometer. Temperature and air humidity are displayed simultaneously. Equipped with MIN/MAX memory, °C/°F selection, HOLD function and dewpoint indication. The TQC Thermo hygrometer operates 10.000(!) hours on 3 batteries type AAA and switches itself off after 10 min.ATTENTION HUMIDITY SENSOR The Humidity Sensors housed in these products are susceptible to contamination from pollutants such as solvents and exposure to saturated air and therefore are not covered under the 2 year warranty. Furthermore it is expected that the sensor’s readings will drift by up to 0.5% per year.