The TQC Grindometers or Fineness of Grind Gauges are precision instruments to determine particle size and fineness of many materials like paints, lacquers, pigments, filler, chocolate etc..

Most TQC Grindometers have double grooves with graded slopes graduated in three different parameters: µm (microns), NS (Hegman) and PCU (North). Gauge and beveled scraper are made of hardened stainless steel and have an accuracy of 2 µm.

Complies with standards:

ASTM D 1210, ASTM D 1316, JIS K 5600-2-5, ISO 1524, DIN EN 21524, BS 3900-C6


The base: 175x60x12mm with 120mm groove length
The scraper: 75x38x8mm shaped to be hold easily.


  • Precision instrument
  • Ergonomic shaped scraper, for an easy grip.
  • Many models available

Scope of supply

  • Pouch
  • Grindometer
  • Scraper
  • Manual



Art. No. VF2110

TQC Grindometer FM15/2 DIN-ISO
Range: 0-15 µm (micron), 10-8.5 PCU (North), 8-6.8 NS (Hegman)
Graduation: 1.5 µm (micron)
Double groove

Art. No. VF2111

TQC Grindometer FM25/2 DIN-ISO
Range: 0-25 µm (micron), 10-7.5 PCU (North), 8-6 NS (Hegman)
Graduation: 2.5 µm (micron)
Double groove

Art. No. VF2112

TQC Grindometer FM50/2 DIN-ISO
Range: 0-50 µm (micron), 10-5 PCU (North), 8-4 NS (Hegman)
Graduation: 5 µm (micron)
Double groove

Art. No. VF2113

TQC Grindometer FM100/2 DIN-ISO
Range: 0-100 µm (micron), 10-0 PCU (North), 8-0 NS (Hegman)
Graduation: 10 µm (micron)
Double groove

Art. No. VF2120

TQC Grindometer DIN-ISO Wide groove
Range: 0-15 µm (micron), 8-6.8 NS (Hegman)
Graduation: 1.5 µm (micron)
Groove width: 37mm

Art. No. VF2121

TQC Grindometer DIN-ISO Wide groove
Range: 0-25 µm (micron), 8-6 NS (Hegman)
Graduation: 2.5 µm (micron)
Groove width: 37mm

Art. No. VF2122

TQC Grindometer DIN-ISO Wide groove
Range: 0-50 µm (micron), 8-4 NS (Hegman)
Graduation: 5 µm (micron)
Groove width: 37mm

Art. No. VF2123

TQC Grindometer DIN-ISO Wide groove
Range: 0-100 µm (micron), 8-0 NS (Hegman)
Graduation: 10 µm (micron)
Wide groove 37mm

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More Products

TIDAS - Aut. fineness of grind gauge scanner

TQC Grindo meters are suitable for use with the the state-of-the-art TIDAS system. This automated fineness of grind gauge scanner is supplied by Labman  The system works to objectively rate the particle dispersion in materials such as paints, lacquers, pigments, filler and chocolate. TIDAS differentiate between air bubbles and true particles and the rating can be customised to the requirements of each customer. All the results, data and images, are presented in an electronic format. The system is supplied complete with a PC and one Fineness of Grind Gauge. Dimensions:The base: 320x250x740mmLabman -Free in-house testing serviceSend 50ml samples of your products to Labman. After testing they will send back a full report of the results, example attached.


Grindometer tool to be used as an optional test tool for the TQC Automatic Film Applicators. This device allows the user to clamp a TQC grindometer scraper onto the TQC Automatic Film Applicator, to define the fineness of grind accurately and reproduciblely. This article ONLY contains the tool. Automatic film applicator and grindometer are sold separately.

Wet Abrasion Scrub | Washability Tester

The TQC Automatic Washability Test allows to perform an Abrasion and washability scrub test on coated panels to define the resistance of paint, varnish or related products to scratching, wear and colour- and gloss loss due to wet or dry scrub abrasion. Simulating everyday wear from cleaning actions or general use. Also suitable for testing plastics, woodpanels, kitchentops, white goods etc.. The test is either used as a “pass / fail” test by testing to a specified number of strokes or defining the minimum number of strokes at which a coating fails by checking at regular intervals. The TQC wet abrasion scrub testers are also suitable to test the performance of of cleaning agents and compounds. Many standards require dry or wet abrasion and scrub test to be performed to determine the quality of coating. Like the EN 13300 for example. This standard defines a quality ranking for interior coatings to wet abrasion. The TQC Automatic Washability Tester is driven by a micro-step controlled electro motor which allows precise and steady speed and sinus wave form control. Operation is intuitive by means of a jog-dial switch and a multi-lingual operating menu on a large illuminated display. The two integrated pumps allow the user to test two fluids simultaneously. Per pump two test beds are fed and can be controlled separately. This allows the TQC Automatic Washability Tester to be used both in coating industry and detergent industry. The adjustable tool carrier allows the user to safely perform test on a wide array of samples. See accessories for available brushes and weights.