TQC Handheld digital Lux meter with large display. Readings in Lux and Fc.
Light can be quantified in many ways, i.e., Lux, Lumens, Footcandles, candle power, candelas, and so on. The two most common scales are Lux used in Europe, and Footcandles used in the U.S.

Simple operation for use in Industrial applications, factories, offices, hotels, schools, hospitals and shops.

Measurements up to 400.0Klux / 40.00 kFc, Peak-hold function for tracing peak signals.



Art. No. LU8500

TQC digital Lux meter

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The TQC DewCheck 4 - Dewpoint Meter (DPM)/ Dewmeter is an extremely versatile dewpoint meter to measure and record all climate parameters required to treat surfaces. This easy to use and robust dewmeter conforms to ISO 8502-4 & ASTM D3276-07 and measures the relative humidity (%RH), ambient temperature (Ta) and surface temperature (Ts) and calculates the dewpoint temperature (Td) and the difference between the dewpoint temperature and the surface temperature (ÄT). The difference between the surface temperature and dewpoint temperature indicates the optimal climate conditions for painting. All parameters can be stored in the dewmeter's memory, tagged with a date and time. For communication between DewCheck 4 dewmeter and a PC the DewCheck dewmeter USB cable is standard supplied. To analyze the data the DewCheck 4 comes with the special Ideal Finish Analysis software. This software is the most advanced temperature and humidity monitoring software package for Dewpoint Meters available today. It offers user friendly reporting functions for standard production work as well as advanced calculations for in depth analysis of the climate parameters prior to coating. Detailed graphic representations and customizable reports help to make the right decisions. Visit the website for an interactive demo.


Digital wheel anemometer with a built-in thermometer for measuring air velocity in for example ventilation ducts, air conditioning, etc. The meter has a 'Hold' function for holding the measured values.


The TQC Colorcatch 3 allows professional painters to measure and match the coating color with the most popular color cards (NCS, RAL ...). On board integrated NCS and RAL cards are compared with the measured color and the corresponding card number is presented on the display. Color cards from known paint manufacturers and coating manufacturers can be downloaded via the internet. Its use is simple: place the TQC ColorCatch3 on the flat surface, click and it will instantly indicate the two nearest color codes it has found in its palette memory. The TQC Colorcatch 3: • Saves up to 90% time while assessing the right color. • Eliminates common made visual color assessment mistakes. • Simplifies communication between (counter) parties. • Suffices with measurements taken on the spot, no hassle bringing back samples. Whereas the colorcatch 3 has its own display, the Colorcatch Nano is an accessory to be used with an iPhone, iPad iPod or a tablet/smartphone with Android.