The CurveX-2 offers easy-to-use, high quality temperature datalogging for paint curing ovens. Measurements, analysis levels and report options are fully customizable to provide you with tailor-made information on the quality of your curing processes. The datalogger is fitted with a large display for easy menu-driven operation and quick display of measurement results.

TQC’s Ideal Finish Analysis data analysis software allows you to analyse the logged data and create detailed reports. These advanced features, together with a wide range of display and printing options, makes CurveX-2 the most flexible temperature datalogging solution available, excellently suited for both field use and laboratory conditions.



Art. No. CX1002

CurveX 2 datalogger with software and datacable
Comes complete in a case with:
- CX2077: Ideal Finish Analysis software.
- CM1105: USB datacable
- probe identification plates
- screwdriver

Dimensions: 85 x 105 x 30 mm
Channels: 6 probes
Measuring range: -50°C to +1.200°C / -58°F to +2.200°F
Accuracy: ±0.3°C / 0.6°F
Resolution: 0.1°C / 0.2°F
Memory: 10 batches with 25300, or 1 batch with 253000 readings.
Battery: 3 x 1,5V, Type AA
Interface: USB

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The TQC PowderChecker XP optimizes the powder application by measuring the output of the cabin. The TQC PowderChecker XP measures uncured powder coatings using ultrasonic technology to automatically calculate a predicted cured thickness. This is sent by Bluetooth® to the recorder, where the value is shown in the large display. Taking a measurement is fast and accurate (3%) in the range of 30 to 110 microns. Using the TQC PowderChecker XP saves on powder and reduces loss of products. For most powders no calibration adjustment is required.


The CurveX 3 Basic is an oven recorder designed for everyday use in powder coating lines. It’s a 4-channel temperature datalogger built in a sturdy machined aluminium case that fulfils the basic needs for quality control in powder coating applications. Its ease of use and affordable price level makes it the ideal job-coaters instrument.To use a CurveX 3 Basic to the fullest an insulation box, heat absorber/bracket and probes are necessary. All CurveX insulation boxes and CurveX probes, and the single heat absorber / bracket can be used with the CurveX 3 Basic. See the accessory list CurveX 3 Basic features • Operate through only 3 large buttons• Meaningful feedback of multi coloured LED’s• Factory calibrated for immediate use• Downloads data through a standard USB port• Rechargeable battery pack through USB connector• Large memory of max. 160.000 readings• Memory for 10 different batches, automatically overwrites the oldest results• Programmable “paint type” memory for immediate “pass / fail” result• Flat design, only 16 mm, for use in low clearance ovens• Compatible with Ideal Finish Analysis software


The TQC Cross Cut Adhesion Test Basic Cutter is used to test the adhesion of dry coats of paint on their substrate by means of a series of cuts through the coating. Two series of parallel cuts cross angled to each other to obtain a pattern of 25 or 100 similar squares. The ruled area is evaluated by using a table chart after a short treatment with a stiff brush, or adhesive tape for hard substrates. The cutting knife of the TQC Cross Cut Adhesion Test Basic Cutter is easy to exchange without the use of extra tools. The self positioning knife bracket of the TQC Cross Cut Adhesion Test Basic Cutter ensures equal pressure on the cutting knife. Each TQC Cross Cut Adhesion Test Basic Cutter contains a grip with cutter.