Profiling an industrial powder coating oven starts right here with the CurveX 3 Standard Oven Logger KIT. It contains all necessary items, just add the desired magnetic or clamp-type probes to make the oven logger KIT complete.

The heart of the KIT is the CurveX 3 Standard Oven datalogger which offers easy-to-use, high quality temperature data logging for paint curing ovens. Measurements, analysis levels and report options are fully customizable to provide you with tailor-made information on the quality of your curing processes. The data logger is fitted with a large full-colour touchscreen for easy menu-driven operation and quick display of measurement results.  The logger has 6 channels and a total memory of 250000 measuring points.

TQC’s Ideal Finish Analysis data analysis software allows you to analyze the logged data and create detailed reports. These advanced features, together with a wide range of display and printing options, makes CurveX 3 Standard the most flexible temperature data logging solution available, excellently suited for both field use and laboratory conditions.

Excellent suited for industrial oven and laboratory oven temperature profiling. Mandatory test in Qualicoat, QIB and GSB accredited laboratories.



Art. No. CX3020

CurveX 3 Standard oven logger standard kit
Comes complete with:
- CX3015: CurveX 3 Standard with Ideal Finish software and datacable.
- CX2005: Insulation box 300°C
- CX2011: Energy absorber
- CX2071: Silicone gasket
- CX2100: Probe identification kit
- CX3060: Carrying Case
- CX3069: USB Charger

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The CurveX 3 Basic is an oven recorder designed for everyday use in powder coating lines. It’s a 4-channel temperature datalogger built in a sturdy machined aluminium case that fulfils the basic needs for quality control in powder coating applications. Its ease of use and affordable price level makes it the ideal job-coaters instrument.To use a CurveX 3 Basic to the fullest an insulation box, heat absorber/bracket and probes are necessary. All CurveX insulation boxes and CurveX probes, and the single heat absorber / bracket can be used with the CurveX 3 Basic. See the accessory list CurveX 3 Basic features • Operate through only 3 large buttons• Meaningful feedback of multi coloured LED’s• Factory calibrated for immediate use• Downloads data through a standard USB port• Rechargeable battery pack through USB connector• Large memory of max. 160.000 readings• Memory for 10 different batches, automatically overwrites the oldest results• Programmable “paint type” memory for immediate “pass / fail” result• Flat design, only 16 mm, for use in low clearance ovens• Compatible with Ideal Finish Analysis software

PowderTAG Thickness Analysing Gauge

PowderTAG measures powder coating thickness before and after cure, non-contact and non-destructive. A sophisticated combination of specific powder-, infrared- and photo-thermal techniques measures the thickness of powder coatings in pre-cured and cured status, precise and reproducible. Save on powder consumption! Save on rework and reject! Improve efficiency! Improve quality! Application PowderTAG is a non-contact production tool, developed for use at the paint-line. Because the PowderTAG’s pulse does not need to be perpendicular, and has a small measuring spot, the PowderTAG is very suitable to accurately determine the layer thickness on small, curved or hard to reach objects. Even on wire frames or small corners and edges. A LED pointer assists in determining the correct distance and location. Due to the non-contact measuring principle parts can be tested on a slow moving line without damaging the coating. For higher line speeds it is recommended to remove the part of the line via a bypass or stop the line. Features Easy to operate. Just point the probe at the surface at the right distance (LED-Pointers will indicate the correct distance / location) and press the “measure” button. Measures any form, shape and dimension. Including wire frames or edges. Large measuring range, up to 300 µm Extremely accurate Measures on any metal substrate such as steel and aluminium Suitable for uncured and cured powder coatings

Concrete moisture meter

The TQC Concrete moisture meter is a non-destructive moisture meter for concrete. By means of measuring the electrical impedance the moisture content of concrete can easily be determined by just pressing the instrument against the concrete surface. The electrical impedance is measured through generating a low frequency electric field between 8 electrodes at the bottom of the instrument. Depending on the moisture content the measurements are made to a depth of several centimetres. This system is not suitable to measure through electrically conductive materials like metal or rubber linings or wet surfaces. TQC Concrete Moisture meters are ideal to quickly test large concrete floors or constructions which have to be painted or where (wooden) floorings are being installed. Four scales allow flexible use of the instrument as an accurate measuring device or just as a detector to find moisture traces or leakage. 1. Concrete 0-6% H2O 2. ~ Carbide Method 0-4% H2O 3. Relative Scale 0-100% 4. ~ 15. Scale 0.3-15.3m Convenient features such as a "max-hold" for hard to reach places and "auto-switch off" are integrated. Specifications Dimensions: 147x89x33mm Power supply: 2xAA battery Average working time on one battery set : 20 hours Display: monochrome 128x64 pixels, size 61x33mm with backlight Operating temperature range: 5°C to 40°C Accuracy: ±0.5% Scope of supply Concrete moisture meter, soft pouch, manual