The TQC Conductivity Meter now measures a wider conductivity range from pure water to waste water and and comes with simultaneous temperature display, auto-ranging capabilities. Signature designs such as automatic temperature compensation and manual calibrations are retained, giving you accurate, reliable readings over a broad conductivity range every time you measure.

The TQC Conductivity Meter is rugged and waterproof to IP67 standards and is standard supplied with the TQC Bresle KIT.



Art. No. HI0017

TQC Conductivity Meter waterproof Multi Range Tester

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Powerful portable conductivity gauge with large measuring range. Equipped with Cond 6+ Conductivity Meter, electrode & Conductivity Carrying Kit (Includes 1 x 1413 uS, 12.88 mS, 84 uS KCl Standard Solution and 1x Deionised (Rinse) Water (60ml Each) The high accuracy and robust protective casing make this gauge ideal for use in the field and laboratory.


TQC Calibration and Maintenance Solutions are essential for calibrating and maintaining the pH and/or conductivity gauge. A wide range of liquid measuring systems is available, in addition to acidity (pH), conductivity (S) and temperature (T), we also have instruments measuring levels of dissolved oxygen and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), as well as Ion-selective meters. Portable versions and desktop models for use in laboratories.


The TQC Bresle Kit - Chloride Test Kit complies with the ISO 8502-6 and ISO 8502-9 standards that describe the Bresle Method to assess the level of soluble salts using a Bresle patch or Bresle sampler, distilled water and a conductivity gauge. The conductivity is mainly directly proportional to the concentration of dissolved chloride ions in the solution. The kit includes all the necessary equipment to execute a Bresle test that will indicate the contamination of soluble salts on blast-cleaned surfaces prior to coating. Inside the TQC Bresle Kit - Chloride Test Kit is a conductivity gauge used for the assessment of soluble salt ions as chlorides, sulphates and nitrates. Contamination of blast-media The TQC Bresle Kit - Chloride Test Kit is also suitable to determine the contamination of blast-media in use. This important test described in the ISO 11127-6 and ISO 11127-7 standards helps to prevent that the dissolved salts in the recycled abrasive media or water will not re-contaminate the surface being cleaned.