TQC Colorboxes offer a extensive range of illumination conditions for any visual inspection. The multiple selectable light sources allow assessment of gloss, structure, damages and metamerism. The Colorboxes are available in 60 and 120cm width. All are supplied with removable viewing table and runtime counter. Both interior and exterior are finished to the highest quality standard. The ability to switch between light sources without flickering makes the cabinet extremely stable. TQC Colorboxes are equipped with a 110 / 220 V switch.



Art. No. VF0600

TQC Colorbox illuminated assessment cabinet, 60cm + 45°sample table
Light sources:
light bulb type "A" 40 W E 27
light tube "shop light" TL84 (F11) 60cm
light tube "day light" D65, 60 cm
light tube "day light" D5000 (D50) 60cm
light tube "black light" UV 60cm

Art. No. VF1200

TQC Colorbox illuminated assessment cabinet, 120cm + 45°table
Light sources:
light bulb type "A" 40 W E 27
light tube "shop light" TL84 (F11) 120cm
light tube "day light" D65, 120 cm
light tube "day light" D5000 (D50) 120cm
light tube "black light" UV 120 cm

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TQC Colorshapes are the perfect tool to assess visual characteristics of coatings such as colour, gloss and metallics. The convex and concave surfaces ant the smooth & sharp edges make the TQC ColorShape optimally suited for all types of coatings, even matt ones. The TQC ColorShapes are available in three types of material: ABS, Nyrol and Aluminum.


Density or specific gravity (SG) is affected by entrapped air bubbles in the liquid under test. The TQC VF2095 SG-cup has a fixed internal volume of 100 ml. which is to be compressed by the mechanism of the density cup. After rotation, agitation or dispersion gas and air can be entrapped within the material. Under pressure the air will dissolve better into the liquid and any bubbles that are left undissolved will be compressed to a fraction of their original size. Density of the liquid is defined at a very high level of repeatability by weighing.The TQC Pressure density cup can easily be taken apart to allow easy cleaning. STANDARDSEN ISO 2811-4. Look up the appropriate standard for a correct execution of the test. The test may only be carried out if all parts of the pressure density cup have an identic serial number. FEATURES • Minimizes the effect of entrapped air bubbles• High level of repeatability • Easy to clean SCOPE OF SUPPLY • Pressure density cup 100 ml • Desktop holder • Brush 25 mm and 40 mm • Calibration certificate SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: LxWxH – 250x 90 x 50mm / 9,8x3,5x2,0 inchWeight: Pressure density cup: 875 g / 1,93 lbs              Cup, holder, brushes: 1750 g / 3,86 lbs Material: Stainless steelCompression: 10bar Volume 100ml* Accuracy: Valve: +/- 1 bar Volume: +/-1ml*The calibration certificate describes the exact volume


Strong, wear resistant ruby tipped probes. Micro Ferrous & Non-Ferrous probes for measuring coatings on a Ferrous or Non-Ferrous surface. This small sized probes are specialy developed for measurments in small areas and pipe diameters. Fe probes have a range up to 1150 micron. NFe probes have a range up to 625 micron. Available as: straight 0°, angled 45° or 90°.All PosiTector 6000 probes can be used with the PosiTector SmartLink; a small piece of hardware that physically connects to new and existing PosiTector probes and wirelessly connects to a free PosiTector app, turning it into a virtual PosiTector gage. You will find the Smart Link device under ‘accessories’.