The bresle method according the ISO 8502-6 standard describes a method of extraction of soluble contaminants from a surface by means of adhesive TQC Bresle Patches which can be attached to any surface, regardless of its shape and orientation. Suitable for use in field analysis before application of paints.

NEW! Bresle Method - TQC Direct Sample Procedure (DSP)
TQC developed a new bresle sample method the "TQC Direct Sample Procedure" (DSP) that fully complies with the ISO 8502-6 standard and increases the speed and accuracy of the bresle-test, read more...


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The TQC DewCheck 4 - Dewpoint Meter (DPM)/ Dewmeter is an extremely versatile dewpoint meter to measure and record all climate parameters required to treat surfaces. This easy to use and robust dewmeter conforms to ISO 8502-4 & ASTM D3276-07 and measures the relative humidity (%RH), ambient temperature (Ta) and surface temperature (Ts) and calculates the dewpoint temperature (Td) and the difference between the dewpoint temperature and the surface temperature (ÄT). The difference between the surface temperature and dewpoint temperature indicates the optimal climate conditions for painting. All parameters can be stored in the dewmeter's memory, tagged with a date and time. For communication between DewCheck 4 dewmeter and a PC the DewCheck dewmeter USB cable is standard supplied. To analyze the data the DewCheck 4 comes with the special Ideal Finish Analysis software. This software is the most advanced temperature and humidity monitoring software package for Dewpoint Meters available today. It offers user friendly reporting functions for standard production work as well as advanced calculations for in depth analysis of the climate parameters prior to coating. Detailed graphic representations and customizable reports help to make the right decisions. Visit the website for an interactive demo.


The TQC Bresle Kit - Chloride Test Kit complies with the ISO 8502-6 and ISO 8502-9 standards that describe the Bresle Method to assess the level of soluble salts using a Bresle patch or Bresle sampler, distilled water and a conductivity gauge. The conductivity is mainly directly proportional to the concentration of dissolved chloride ions in the solution. The kit includes all the necessary equipment to execute a Bresle test that will indicate the contamination of soluble salts on blast-cleaned surfaces prior to coating. Inside the TQC Bresle Kit - Chloride Test Kit is a conductivity gauge used for the assessment of soluble salt ions as chlorides, sulphates and nitrates. Contamination of blast-media The TQC Bresle Kit - Chloride Test Kit is also suitable to determine the contamination of blast-media in use. This important test described in the ISO 11127-6 and ISO 11127-7 standards helps to prevent that the dissolved salts in the recycled abrasive media or water will not re-contaminate the surface being cleaned.

Concrete moisture meter

The TQC Concrete moisture meter is a non-destructive moisture meter for concrete. By means of measuring the electrical impedance the moisture content of concrete can easily be determined by just pressing the instrument against the concrete surface. The electrical impedance is measured through generating a low frequency electric field between 8 electrodes at the bottom of the instrument. Depending on the moisture content the measurements are made to a depth of several centimetres. This system is not suitable to measure through electrically conductive materials like metal or rubber linings or wet surfaces. TQC Concrete Moisture meters are ideal to quickly test large concrete floors or constructions which have to be painted or where (wooden) floorings are being installed. Four scales allow flexible use of the instrument as an accurate measuring device or just as a detector to find moisture traces or leakage. 1. Concrete 0-6% H2O 2. ~ Carbide Method 0-4% H2O 3. Relative Scale 0-100% 4. ~ 15. Scale 0.3-15.3m Convenient features such as a "max-hold" for hard to reach places and "auto-switch off" are integrated. Specifications Dimensions: 147x89x33mm Power supply: 2xAA battery Average working time on one battery set : 20 hours Display: monochrome 128x64 pixels, size 61x33mm with backlight Operating temperature range: 5°C to 40°C Accuracy: ±0.5% Scope of supply Concrete moisture meter, soft pouch, manual