The BK 3 speed Drying Recorder (Beck Koller method) is used widely in the coatings industry throughout the world for several decades. A needle carrier holding six hemispherical ended needles travels the length of the six 305 x 25 mm test strips in 6, 12 or 24 hours. Other speeds are available to special order. A time scale on the side cover is graduated to suit the three different travel times.

The BK 6 and BK 10 Recorders have independently operating tracks allowing tests to be made at different start times. Pairs of tracks operate at the same speed, and a wide range of travel times are available. Travel times of 6, 12, 24 and 48 hours are all considered as standard. A time scale on the front cover is graduated to suit the instrument’s drying time ranges. Each pair of tracks has its own individual operating switch.

The Recorders define stages in the drying process as:-
Stage 1 A pear shaped impression corresponding to the time taken for evaporation of solvent.
Stage 2 The cutting of a continuous track, corresponding to a sol-gel transition.
Stage 3 An interrupted track corresponding to the surface-dry time.
Stage 4 The needle no longer penetrates the film, corresponding to the final drying time.



Art. No. VF8000

BK-3 Drying Recorder 240VAC / 50Hz

Art. No. VF8001

BK-3 Drying Recorder, 110VAC / 60hz

Art. No. VF8005

BK-6 Drying Recorder, 240VAC / 50Hz

Art. No. VF8006

BK-6 Drying Recorder, 110VAC / 60hz

Art. No. VF8010

BK-10 Drying Recorder, 240VAC / 50Hz

Art. No. VF8011

BK-10 Drying Recorder, 110VAC / 60hz

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