To fulfill the demand of many companies in the line of paint and their customers we composed the “Basic Inspection Kit”. In the field the need had arisen of one standard measuring set to perform all measurements and tests regarding painting.

The kit is created to be used by executives of painting companies, such as foremen and divisional heads. The measuring set is also a very useful tool for customers like housing associations.

The “Basic Inspection Kit” gives you profound information on the quality of old or existing coats of paint. The kit is also equipped with tools to perform measurements during application and delivery of a new paint job.

The “Basic Inspection Kit” consists of the following tools:

  • Moisture meter
  • Digital thermo/hygrometer to measure the climate (temperature, humidity) during coating application.
  • Compass
  • Illuminated surface microscope. Useful tool to accurately check the surface and paint layer visually.
  • Cutter knife. Stainless steel painter’s cutting tool with awl to muster old paint layers or rotten wood.
  • PH-indicator paper to check the acidity of concrete walls and floors.
  • Wedge for checking reverse-side tolerance and thickness of glass.
  • Telescopic inspection mirror + lamp for visual quality control.
  • Waterproof marker to mark and repair irregularities.
  • MasterPaintPlate, multifunctional instrument to measure wet film thickness, cover of edges, thickness of glass, as well as providing an indication of the viscosity and adhesion of the coating.

The Basic Inspection Kit is available with several different moisture meters.

Tape can be ordered separately as well.



Art. No. SP5005

Basic inspection kit, set with non-destructive wood moisture meter Caisson

Art. No. SP5000

Basic inspection kit, set with destructive wood moisture meter Mini Ligno S

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