News and press releases

2017-03-27 Winner Smartwatch ECS 2017

Everyone who drops his / her business card in the designated box at the TQC booth (European Coatings Show, Hall 5 -5.450) stands a chance on winning a smart watch.

After the ECS

2016-09-06 New generation CurveX Oven-temperature Loggers

In 1998, an era when oven loggers were highly expensive, TQC surprised the global powder coatings industry with an affordable and practical oven data logging system to verify and c

2015-11-18 TQC releases Expansion kit for the Low Voltage Pinhole Detector

TQC, Dutch developer and manufacturer of paint test equipment, has launched a special Low Voltage Pinhole Detector Expansion kit

2015-06-11 TQC’s ViscoThinner about to be released

The design of TQC’s brand new ViscoThinner is in its final stage. The instrument measures material viscosity during the addition of solvents.

2015-03-10 CurveX 3 Basic introduced

TQC, developer and manufacturer of paint test equipment, introduces a new model in the CurveX Oven logger series. The CurveX 3 Basic is an oven recorder designed for everyday use i

2014-11-24 New Ideal Finish Analysis version - November 2014

A new version TQC Ideal Finish Analysis has been uploaded to our webserver.

Several improvements were made on visualizing the large GRO files with 32 channels.

2014-11-06 Successfull Chinese Trade Show

TQC Distributors are spread all over the world. Recently our distributor for the Chinese market HJ- Unkel has has participated in a succesfull Powder Coating Exhibition. Many visit

2014-09-25 TQC releases Low Voltage Pinhole Detector

Dutch developer of paint test equipment TQC has released the TQC Low Voltage Pinhole Detector to evaluate defects on different coating types applied to metal substrates using the w

2014-09-16 New TQC catalogue issued

TQC, developer and manufacturer of paint test equipment in The Netherlands, has issued a new product catalogue . At over 200 pages the catalogue contains QC instruments for surface

2014-06-24 TQC Ideal.Finish.Analysis Version .5.2.34

A new version of TQC Ideal Finish Analysis (IFA) has been uploaded to our webserver for download.

IFA is now ready for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

2014-06-10 New Version of Ideal Finish Analysis

The latest version TQC.Ideal.Finish.Analysis.Setup.5.2.28.exe is uploaded to our webserver.
It contains a lot of fixes for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

2014-05-13 TQC develops CureView Thermal Test Centre

Dutch manufacturer TQC designs and produces Field and Laboratory test equipment Measuring Instruments paint , coatings and general surface treatment markets . The R&D department is

2014-03-03 New version of TQC Ideal Finish Analysis

A new version of TQC Ideal Finish Analysis has been uploaded to our webserver

2013-10-22 New TQC Drying time option awarded

On Eurofinish 2013 TQC has received the Eurofinish Innovation logo for its drying time option for the TQC Automatic film applicator.

2012-10-22 TQC introduces three new Gloss meters

TQC manufacturer of quality control- and test equipment for paint and coating related applications has developed a series of three gloss meters. Many years of research resulted in

2012-06-01 New TQC Hull Roughness Gauge

Dutch manufacturer and developer TQC has extended their range of test products with the release of the DC9000 Hull Roughness Gauge, the next evolutionary step in hull roughness sur

2012-03-08 PosiTector Advanced now with on-screen keyboard

The PosiTector Advanced has been updated to include an on-screen QWERTY keyboard. This powerful tool allows you to change batch names and add notes on-screen. This feature is now a

2012-02-28 New Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester

TQC has expanded its line of test equipment for the paint and coatings industry with a brand new wet scrub washability tester.

2011-03-22 Social Media

TQC have expanded the communication activities with YouTube, Linkedin and Twitter. Not only providing the most up-to-date information but providing also new ways to ask questions

2010-12-07 The digital era

In order to help you as a customer to stay on the edge of new developments TQC took the next step in digital media.

TQC launched their YouTube channel featuring product movies.