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Extensive range of high-quality agitators for use in laboratories. Motors up to 210 Watt, with a max. rotational speed of 5000 t/min.
Various options such as digital rotational speed indicator, variable speed control, etc. are available, as well as a wide range of agitator propellers.


IKA Laboratory Stirrers.
Ask us for the diff. possibilities.

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A wide range of consistent test charts for testing physical properties of coating, lacquers and inks. Suitable for determining hiding power, opacity and spreading rate. They come in a variety of dimensions from DIN A6 up to and including DIN A4. All charts are film laminated for an excellent solvent and chemical resistance and an even film spread. On each chart there is a section for filling out the date, time and test number. Special designs are possible with quantities over 10.000 pieces per chart.


Dewmag Magnetic Thermo - Hygrometer , for use during application of protective coatings. Thermo-hygrometer containing a combination of a precision hygrometer and two bimetal-thermometers. The relative humidity and temperature scales are so arranged that their indicators cross over a series of dew point indication curves in the centre of the dial. The dew point may be read off directly at the intersection of the two pointers. An integrated bimetal-surface thermometer indicates the surface temperature so difference between dew point and surface temperature can easily be determined. Powerful magnets are fitted to the back plate to enable it to adhere strongly to iron or steel surfaces. Additionally the gauge has a loop on the top of the back plate for fixing.

RAL Classic Colours

The RAL CLASSIC Colour Collection The 4-digit RAL colours have been the standard for choosing colours for more than 70 years now. At the beginning the colour collection included 40 different colours. Its number has risen to 213 today. The basic collection for matt colour shades is called RAL 840-HR, the one for glossy colour shades RAL 841-GL. Both basic collections contain colour samples that are being used by important institutions to cover a wide range of applications and are constantly adapted to the requirements of the industry. The registers are being used as colour samples for designs. They also contain safety- and signalling colours and fulfil the colour requirements of DIN regulations.